How Do You Start Backlinking For Your Business Website?

Strategic Link Building Plans for Online Business Success

You have a responsibility to your business when it comes to marketing online, and this guide will tell you how to get quality backlinks. You have a variety of marketing channels when it comes to online marketing, and one of the more powerful ranking factors is using links. You may start to build backlinks for your business any time you like, but getting the right kinds of links are going to be paramount to your success. If done correctly you will find the links will bring back quite a lot of traffic, if not just frustration.

You must engage in a program that will build links in more than one way, Google is always looking at how many different domains are pointing back to your website, not just backlink count. QASymphony is a software testing company and is a good example of someone who knows how to build links online, and you can use the very same techniques and strategy to make your business as visible as possible online.

How Do I Create Backlinks for my Website?

#1: Internal Linking within Articles & Blogs

You must link to your interior pages on your website when you are writing articles or blog posts and each of them will move your readers to a different part of the site. A good linking strategy includes internal linking to your power pages (Sign Up, Products, Pricing Page, Ect) and Blog Posts get lots of traffic, so always be directing your traffic from your blog to your money pages.

Internal Linking

One interior link on every page goes quite a long way, and you will find it is simple to helping users go further into your site instead of reading a single page before moving on, thus lowering bounce rate. Another powerful metric or ranking factor to consider when working on your online marketing and SEO.


#2: Guest Posts Backlinks

You must write as many guests posts as possible for other blogs, in order to set yourself up as an authority in the industry. You may post to a number of websites that will host your content and Google will see that you are gaining more trust as a content marker.

Use these Guest Posts to link back to your site, and you can take advantage of contextual links to promote your page. This means using your keywords in your anchor text to help you rank online for the keywords you are going after. Make sure to keep things looking natural and do not use 1 particular keyword as an anchor, too often.

Guest Posting Backlinks

You should not allow your business to be represented in only one way online, and you may continue to write guests posts around the Internet because they will begin to build a link network that helps readers find your business. As they all lead back to home-base, your website.


#3: Social Media Back Linking

You must link back to your site when you are on your social media accounts, not only from the main account page but also in the posts. If you are making use of Social Media you can from time to time insert a backlink into your posts for your website. You can make use of an URL Shortener like to keep your character limit under control and direct more traffic from your social media accounts back to your website for a sale.

We use and recommend social media as a good marketing method, as it influences Google rankings by how many times your brand gets likes, comments, and shares. If you are going to post on social media to drive traffic and sales, have a look at our guide to 4 elements of a perfect post….

Social Media Link Building

Elements of a Perfect Social Media Post

  1.  Add a High-Quality Image or Video to your Post
  2.  Hashtag both a #Keyword and your #Location in your Posts (just don’t over do it on the hashtags!!)
  3.  Have some compelling Copy or CTA, be emotional or compelling for people to take some action (again we are after – likes, comments & shares)
  4.  Add your Hyperlink or URL from your Website to your posts (use to shorten them)

Many customers are also interested in checking your reviews online and social media accounts. These are strong buying factors to both potential clients and Google as Third Party Review sites show exactly how your customers see you. It’s very important when dealing with an E-commerce website and looking for product reviews and a certain level of customer service. Be as helpful as possible when someone is buying from you on a shopping site and Google also ranks UX or customer experience as a ranking factor. You must ensure you have made the reviews and testimonials obvious.


#4: Remove Dates From Links

You must ensure the links you post online are not tied to particular dates. There are many places where you may begin dropping links, like a blog comment and the links are more likely to attract new customers when they do not feel they have expired. A link that is tied to a date looks to be expired will be skipped over, and you must keep the links evergreen by getting permeant do-follow links that do not expire or look like they are no longer relevant. Sometimes it’s helpful to analyze your website backlinks with a link tool like, to see where your backlink count is at and if you lost any links for the month. This is start to give you a clearer picture if you are moving up in rank and authority, in the way of backlinks to your business website.

Backlinking Profile



#5: Link With Partner Businesses

Another really good strategy is to reach out to other businesses you work with and create a resources page on your website. From there, you can add links with your partner businesses that complement your own and will return the favor with a link for your website.

Resource Pages for Backlinks

There are many places where you may start a partnership, and you will have many companies that will be helping you get links, if you help them in return. The links that you have chosen to use will become the foundation for a stream of customers who are coming from another company, and you may share links with a partner business that are placed on your own site.


#6: Never Stop Linking – Conclusion

The links that you create must not stop for any period of time. You may create a number of links every week that will attract new customers, and you must be willing to build more links that you believe will be good for your company. You cannot waste your time with just one link that you believe will help you out in SEO.


Top 3 Reasons Why You Must Continue To Build Links:

  1. Your Competitors will be link building as well, if you stop they will start to dominate Google, making it even harder for you to break in later on into the market.
  2. Google takes away links just as quickly as it finds them, different factors go into why they do this, but the main one is to ensure that the results they serve are fresh, current and the most relevant to those looking for answers online via search.
  3. Link Volume is a concept that can help you take #1 Position in Google, and it works like this… If you created 10 links in your first month of being online, you should shoot for 20-30 links in the second month to show that your website is getting more and more popular online.

You must be diligent, and you may hire a SEO Agency for Backlinking Services and understands how to create great links for your business website. They will prepare a complete link strategy for your business, and they will help you when you have questions about your online marketing campaign.

Every link you create for your business will help you create traffic that streams onto your site, and the readers will come from a number of different places that you may not remember. You must sprinkle the Internet with links that are easy to find, and you will notice that your readers are coming from different locations every day. Study your links, and you will find the links that are most effective.

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