Video Production

Do you have a stunning product or service that you want to explain to your target audience without having to make your customers read huge chunks of text? Then try creating a Business video that gets attention! You will be convey lots of information to your target audience in as short as 30 seconds. Very INFO-Taining! Statistics available today indicate that the internet users are lot more inclined to watch a biz video that is 30 or 60 seconds long than reading a long list of exaggerated text.

The first step in impressing your customers is to first let them know about your products and services. Only when your customers get to know what you have to offer them, they will be able to decide whether to choose your products or not. Explainer videos will grab the attention of your customers and retain their attention on your products and services longer than any other form of marketing strategy.

We recommend telling a story or solving customers pain points to get more conversions. Customers should know from the minute of the video, What You Do, What Your Process is for working with clients, How to Contact You. You can also include a special call to action for better engagement.

Our Business Video Production Includes

  • HD Quality Explainer Video
  • Specialized Script Writing
  • Real Human Voice Over
  • Story Boarding
  • Affordable Pricing
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Dedicated Project Manager

You can also include Video SEO so that your video gets noticed and a good return on investment. Quality videos at affordable prices from SEOABNK. The investment that you make on the creation of your video will certainly bring you more business. Contact SEOBANK through phone or through our contact us form for more information about our explainer video creation services and get started today.