Link Building Services

I have always been a personal fan of one of the originals in Link Building, his name is Eric Ward or sometimes he goes by the nickname, Link Moses because he has been around that long. He is the grandfather of Link Building and after training with him for sometime, he told me something profound over and over again, yet I still agency’s seem to miss this fact when they go out as trusted representatives of a Business and create links… his message?

Would I still Get This Backlink if Google Didn’t Exist ??

Or quite simply put, how relevant is this backlink to my company and will I get any direct sales or targeted traffic from getting a backlink from this particular website. You Get the Picture. The Real Art of Link Building is finding really Valuable, High Authority Content and having them link back to a particular page on your website.

Link Building Services

What Can We Do for Your Business?

What You Can Expect From Us

  • Implement a Proper Backlinking Strategy with Link Volume
  • Create a Diverse Link Map, with a variety of Link Properties
  • Conduct a Backlink Audit to Ensure you have a clean profile
  • Measure and Monitor Live Links & Backlink Count
  • Remove any Harmful Links with the Disavow Tool
  • Create New Healthy Backlinks with High Authority
  • Analyze All Links for SEO Weight
  • Utilize Deep-linking to all website pages
  • Implement Internal-linking to Pushing Authority to the right Pages

More on our Link Building Services

We Create Links that matter, period. By understanding what both the Client and Google is looking for we can create a proper backlinking strategy. Understanding what makes a better link is at the core of what we do.

So What Makes One Link Better than Another?

In a nutshell, all we know today is that Google uses over 200 different ranking factors, with the 3 most important being Links, Content and Relevance. If you can feed Google a very valuable, client centric article that has relevant backlinks (ie other people shared or linked to it) there is a very high probability that its going to be ranked high in Google search. We know this to be true because other authorities in the industry have been testing along side Googles algorithm and they have found what matters most is…

Research Conducted by Ahref’s found which factors make the best backlinks

  1. DA Authority of a Backlink (Which you have in the Tool Now)
  2. How Many Different Link Sources your profile has (Referring Domains)
  3. How Many Referring Pages (Diverse Link Profile)
  4. Backlinks Total