Pay Per Click Management


To put it simply, Pay-Per-Click or PPC marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools at a company’s disposal today.

PPC is truly effective for a couple of reasons, First and foremost it matches people actively seek products and services in real time to the companies that provide them. This alone is why Google is a billion dollar company and the yellowpages no longer exsits as the same business model it was 10 years ago.

Second it can be Managed with monthly budgets to not only control ad spend but also calculate a great return on investment. Marketing unlike practically all other competing forms of marketing provides you with tangible and measurable results – there are hundreds of statistics that allow you to see how every dollar is spent as well as calculate exactly what your ROI is. As powerful as PPC marketing is however, it is not to be attempted by amateurs as it is also one of the most dangerous marketing tools. In the hands of an amateur, a PPC marketing campaign can waste money as fast as it can make it potentially losing thousands of dollars per hour.

Third to can be refined after analysis to preform better and better, this is the science that PPC experts learn and implement for their clients to not only save thousands in other wise wasted marketing spend but also receive maximum return on investment a thousand times over.

Understanding Google AdWord PPC