Website Customer Retention

The first step to increasing customer retention is to…

Understand and measure why your customers or clients are leaving in the first place.

You can’t solve a problem if you don’t understand to what extent it exists or why it exists. Once that information is understood, the strategy is simple and should really be threefold:

  • Increase of Human aspect in business, treat people like people and don’t lose that human touch even if you are doing business over the internet. Basically a frictionless user experience.
  • Appreciate your clients/customers. Thank you notes, thank you gifts for onboarding new clients and/or discounts to your most loyal customers can speak volumes. Even something so simple as recognition on social media for your most loyal customers can be valuable.
  • Get their input, Involving them in the design and delivery of service and receiving feedback on ways to improve their experience.

Great customer service, Loyalty Reward Systems, Gratitude and Appreciation all seem like common sense but often when we move over to the internet realm we see these values fall off the map, as although the business never intended to do this, we find the human aspects are not always represented well online. If you feel you could retain more of your customers online, contact us for a free evaluation and we will check your website against 21 retention points everyone should be using on their business website.